I am Iona: an optimistic, glass-half-full, life-loving twenty-something Scot, who believes everyday is an opportunity for adventure! I adore going camping at the weekends, and will take any opportunity to get out of the house and try something new.

What is this blog about?

In today's lifestyle, we spend so much time looking at computer screens, or a phone screen, or a TV screen. Yes, I do enjoy a lazy day on the sofa with Netflix (don't we all?!). But it's important to remember how exhilarating it is simply to get outdoors and try something new - whether that's camping, a new adventurous activity or a new place.

I hope to give readers some ideas and inspiration to get outside, to camp, to travel, to explore and adventure, and to keep trying new things.

I love hearing from like-minded folk, so leave me a comment or check out my contact page and drop me a message!

Happy Adventuring!

Iona x

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