Monday, 20 February 2017

You Know You're an Adventurer If...

Here are nine life-truths that you will relate to if you are an adventurer like myself:

1) Every time you see a tree or a cliff face, you wonder if it's climbable.

Tree-top course at Centre Parcs, Whinfell Forest. I never got to try, but I'm definitely going back to do it!

2) You lose track mid-conversation on a regular basis, as you're too busy day-dreaming about new adventures.

3) Whenever you're near a newly-discovered body of water, you question it's suitability for kayaking or rafting - so you can bring your gear next time. 

Kayaking on my favourite river, the River Tay

4) Skyscanner is one of your most visited websites.

5) You aim to have as many passport stamps as humanly possible.

6) Your camping gear sits ready to grab and go as soon as there's a dry night.

Glen camping in summer

7) When you see some decent waves at the beach, you immediately want your surfboard in hand. 

Surfing in Perth, Australia

8) Your ideal job would be an outdoor instructor, spending your days teaching others how to enjoy the outdoors. 

9) Your inbox is filled with email subscriptions from adventure bloggers!

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