Monday, 30 January 2017

Gear Review: The North Face Womens Sangro Waterproof Jacket

I thought this week I would do a wee review of my ultimate favourite jacket: The North Face Womens Sangro Waterproof Jacket.

I actually bought this jacket new-with-tags on eBay for £49.00 back in 2015. RRP as of today is £110, so I got a complete bargain! The North Face are currently offering it on sale at £77.00 too! 

Paddling in the wind and rain on the Isle of Iona


Fantastic! I have worn the jacket in Scottish rains on the way to work, for a walk in the countryside, and in a snowstorm in Nepal - never once have I had leakage.

In a snow storm in Nepal. Stupidly didn't tuck my hair in my hood... It froze. But the rest of me was dry and cosy! 


I wouldn't say it is the most breathable jacket in the world, as I have at times got a bit sticky while wearing it, but it is by far better than many jackets out there. Even when feeling hot and flustered, the jacket has always been comfortable.


Definitely a jacket designed to be worn on top of layers. But it has been designed to keep in as much heat as possible despite it's light weight. It's a perfect top-layer jacket, and therefore great for all seasons!

My main man Jimmy and I walking the Fife Coastal Path. Mix of rain and sun that day! 

Overall Comfort

Summing up, I think this is a fantastic jacket for many uses: from Everest Base Camp to Arthurs Seat to a wander up the Fife Coastal Path, this jacket has proved fantastic through and through. Not to mention it's very flattering for us women! The only negative point I would give is that the zip can sometimes disjoin itself and it's a bit of a pain to fix, particularly when in bad weather. However, I have been told many a time by fellow outdoor enthusiasts that The North Face are known for great customer service in this area, and if you have this issue, just let them know and they can send a replacement (I just haven't quite got round to it yet!). Overall, I highly recommend this jacket for all your endeavours! 


  1. I'm in need of a proper coat, I tend to just stick with my Tk Max bargain jacket and layer up, but I could do with something better. Will have to have a look at the North Face range, they do some good stuff. It looks like your coat has served you well!

  2. You did get a bargain! I have this coat in the grey colour and it really is a goodun', nicely fitted and definitely does the job.

    1. It is isn't it?! Wouldn't go out in the rain without it!


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