Thursday, 8 September 2016

6 Adventurous Things To Do This Weekend!

Ever find yourself sitting at the weekend stuck for ideas of what to do? Daytime TV won't cut it, you've done all your household chores (or have maximised your willingness to do them!) and you're feeling a bit of cabin fever? Have a look at some ideas below, for all weekends or free days, no matter the weather or budget:

1) White Water Rafting

I've been White Water Rafting a couple of times now, and have never felt disappointed. Enough of a thrill to keep my adrenaline going, and enough of a work-out to give me a good nights sleep at the end of the day! The team at Splash! are fantastic, can highly recommend them, and their instructors are both professional and a great laugh at the same time.

2) Mountain Biking

It's been YEARS since I was mountain biking, but recently I have been thinking about my poor mountain bike sitting in my mums shed (I live in a top floor flat in the city, and with no bike storage, it's far too likely my bike would be taken in a flash if I brought it here!). My friend said she is looking to buy herself a mountain bike, so we've been discussing heading up the hills for some mountain biking! Not only does it get you out in the fresh air and work on your heart rate, heading up into the hills or the woods can give you some spectacular views, and biking back down again suffices the thrill-seeker too! Plus, it's free! So it's perfect for spend-free weekend!

3) Hill Walking

I adore hill walking, though I don't get out as much as I would hope to! As with biking, it's a great chance to be at one with nature, and is equally enjoyable whether alone or with a group. The sense of achievement when you reach the top of a hill or mountain is indescribable, and the views make the battle of the elements you can sometimes go through (more often than not in Scotland!) absolutely worth it.

4) Indoor Climbing

Having only recently enjoyed this sport for the first time, I thought I would include indoor climbing as a rainy day activity! Though I often enjoy going out in the rain for a walk, there are of course days where the outdoor weather just isn't cutting it, and we fancy doing something indoors, whilst still getting our adventure kick. Meet indoor climbing. The heights alone are a thrill, but if you do really particularly take to it, indoor climbing is a great way to hone in on your climbing skills to maybe one day attempt it outdoors!

NB: I never said rock climbing was particularly flattering for a photo angle....

5) Hit the Beach

The beach is one of my favourite places for a day off (or any place by the water that is!), and there are so many activities you can do there. If you're fancying a lazy afternoon, sunbathing or reading your favourite book at the seaside is a relaxing way to spend the day, with the sound of the waves and the fresh sea breeze. If you're feeling like you want something a bit more exhilarating, see if your local beach has Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (SUP), surfing or windsurfing. For something money-free, have an adventure to a part of the beach you haven't seen before (but don't forget that safety comes first, particularly with tides), grab a snorkel and see whats under the surface or even have a treasure hunt and dig out your old metal detector!

6) Prepare your future travels!

Maybe not adventurous in itself, but it's always exciting to plan your next destination! Head to Skyscanner to compare flight prices, maybe look at Air BnB to find yourself some quirky and local accommodation and get your travel gear ready! Plus, if you're planning a trip instead of going out spending money, you'll have more money to put towards said trip!

Anyone have some go-to ideas they have on hold for a free day? Let me know in the comments, share with your friends and don't forget to follow by email! :)


  1. This sounds like an awesome weekend! Some great suggestions :) I will be spending time playing with my nephew, which is an excellent way to spend a Saturday if you ask me.

    1. Thanks Zoe! That definitely sounds like a great way to spend a weekend :) think I'm similarly going to visit my younger cousins! :)

  2. Some very high octane adventures to have there, certainly any of those would make for a cracking weekend.

  3. Some fab ideas. You can't beat a good walk for getting out. ALthough I have to admit I do love planning adventures as much as actually doing them and spend many happy hours perusing airbnb!

    1. Absolutely! If not going out, the planning of the next trip is really exciting!!


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