Saturday, 24 September 2016

A Family Camping Trip to Mull & Iona

This past weekend myself and a fellow 12 members of my family - yes, BIG family holiday! - headed to the Isle of Mull for a family camping weekend, with the main reason for the trip being to spread the ashes of my beloved Gran and Papa on the Isle of Iona. Though it may not sound like the most cheery trip in the world, it was actually a beautiful weekend with my wonderful family in some of the most stunning areas of Scotland. 

Paddling in Iona's waters (Iona paddling in Iona!!!)

Thursday, 8 September 2016

6 Adventurous Things To Do This Weekend!

Ever find yourself sitting at the weekend stuck for ideas of what to do? Daytime TV won't cut it, you've done all your household chores (or have maximised your willingness to do them!) and you're feeling a bit of cabin fever? Have a look at some ideas below, for all weekends or free days, no matter the weather or budget:

1) White Water Rafting

I've been White Water Rafting a couple of times now, and have never felt disappointed. Enough of a thrill to keep my adrenaline going, and enough of a work-out to give me a good nights sleep at the end of the day! The team at Splash! are fantastic, can highly recommend them, and their instructors are both professional and a great laugh at the same time.

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