Friday, 12 August 2016

5 Reasons Travelling Is Worth Saving For

This is partially a post to inspire you readers, and partially a post to inspire myself! With no holiday or trip booked this year, I find myself longing for my next overseas adventure. Yet, where will the money for this magically appear from?! I'm definitely not the best at saving, to say the least! So I need a little reminder of just why it's all worth putting this extra pennies aside for, and I'm sure I'm not the oy one, between fellow savings-strugglers and all aspiring travellers.

Enjoying the beautiful sunset and view in Tenerife

1. You can find something new about yourself

One of the things I seem to find every time I travel, no matter where it is, what type of trip it is or how long it lasts, is I always realise something new about myself. Trekking to Everest Base Camp showed me just how strong and determined I really can be, no matter how shattered or cold I am. Australia made me realise that I really do embrace life and enjoy every moment, and that I should continue to live every aspect of my life in that way. Tenerife showed me, the first time, just how wonderful my family is and how much I love spending time with them, and the second time it tested the strength of the friendships I have with my closest girl friends (and we are all still close friends, so it can't have been a bad thing).

Embracing the amazing beaches in Australia

2. It can create opportunities to meet new people, and can strengthen old relationships too.

Malta was my first holiday with my other half. It was a test for us, but it showed us that we can get along in any situation. I'm not saying we didn't bicker, but if you can last a week away with anyone, whether it's your partner, your family or your friends (see earlier comment regarding my girls holiday to Tenerife!), and come out of it still close, then you've got something good going there. Equally, travelling opens the opportunity to meet new people. For starters, when meeting someone abroad you already know you have something in common: an interest in the country you are in, whether they are a local or a fellow traveller. Point scored already, before the conversation has even started. It's a blessing to learn from other people from around the world and share experiences with them.

Spending time with my partner, getting closer to previous aquantainces - now friends - and meeting new fellow travellers (all in one photo!)

3. You can experience an entirely new culture.

Following from the above, you can experience a new culture through travelling a country and interacting with the locals. Whether backpacking through India or partying and island hopping through Thailand, there's plenty you can embrace! Try the local cuisine, such as Nepalese Momos, a traditional dumpling. I picked up a traditional recipe from our Nepalese guide while over there, I loved them that much! Have a look at their traditions, and speak to locals.

At a monastery in Nepal. We were allowed to sit in and watch the monks chanting. 

4. Once you've saved and have your flight tickets in hand, you realise the saving was all worth it.

How many times have you spent a wad of money on a night out, only to feel it wasn't worth the money? Ever bought your lunch at work and realised it's the worst sandwich/soup you've ever had and you wish you'd brought your own lunch in? We have all been there. When it comes down to it, it's worth preparing your lunch at home for work, or missing out on that night out that you know will be...meh...or leaving early to get a free bus home rather than forking out to a taxi. Nomadic Matt is a blogger who I follow religiously, and he has many articles interviewing people who have saved for travelling, and not one of them has ever regretted it.

Excited faces on the flight to Oz! 

5. Everyone needs a getaway

Everyone needs a break from the same-old sometimes. Whether it's stress over bills, stress over work, stress over the kids, or maybe it's just sheer boredom of the normal 9-5, we all need to experience a change sometimes. It's cleansing for the soul and the mind, and makes for a much happier, stronger and concentrating person than without it! Even if you're not able to travel abroad, you can travel in your own country. I love even just a simple break in my own country; heading to the highlands and breathing in the fresh air, away from the city. If you're used to the quiet of the countryside, head for a city to feel the hustle and bustle and experience the sights. Just something that's different to everyday life is worth saving money for, whether thousands of miles across the ocean or just a few hours drive away.

View of Malta from the plane ✈ 

You have to keep your dream in mind. And I know it's difficult - just ask my friends and family how skint I end up at the end of each month, and that's WITHOUT saving (I'm not the best budgeter you could say...!). But I know it'll all be worth it: cutting back on bills where possible, being picky about how many drinks I have (plus, less of a hangover = less money on hangover food! Win-win!), because we all know that excited feeling when you're jetting off for a new adventure is the best feeling in the world.

Have you got any big savings ideas? Or maybe you're saving for somewhere in particular as we speak? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Iona Nelson i really enjoyed your writing its amazing I have one or two suggestions.
    You would make an amazing guide for taking small walks to start be it in the country or be it in the city this way you could earn and get fitness at same time. At your age there may be certain grants or free training available to you should you need it. A small business making something your good at to sell at craft fayres. Photography. My little wee business is good which you build slowly.
    Why not you and Ryan take jobs and Travel, rent out his flat that would sort it out. Or look at traveling jobs requiring guides they may even provide the training. Keep Blog going its Brilliant I often talk of you even to my therapy clients. I could also help you with making more out of what you do and appreciate in life I am on my second course of Mindfulness starting next week so excited its the real thing and i love the neurology connecting us with self inner emotions. love you forever. xx and Thank you for being you and for your written word.

    1. Aw, thanks Catherine :) I am planning on travelling the world, always have done! But needs money, so saving up at the moment :) so glad you're business is going well, we are all proud of you :)


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