Tuesday, 19 July 2016

My Dad's Epic Adventure

Some of you will have noticed I have a love of kayaking, and often go kayaking with my Dad. Well, not only did my Dad teach me kayaking, he is also an epic kayaker himself and is about to embark on the trip of a lifetime.

Leaving today, Tuesday 19th July, he is flying to Canada to kayak 2000km down the Mackenzie River, aka Deheco, wild camping along the way. The river takes him from the Great Slave Lake all the way out to the coast at a town called Tuktoyuktok. He will stop at towns for resources and to meet the locals where he can, however it is weeks of enduring tough weather and wild camping. His longest stretch between towns is 9 days, and he is very likely to come across bears (grizzly, brown, black and even polar cover the area he will be kayaking), and maybe even wolves.

Though he was originally supposed to partake in this adventure during his RAF days, he is now undertaking it for his own accomplishment and is helping to raise money for a local girl in the mean time. Georgia, *age*, is in need of an electric wheelchair to improve her safety and mobility.

Donate here:

During this trip, I will be his home-base, tracking his progress (and ensuring he arrives where he should and when he should!). He will check in with me when he reaches a town, so I can track his location. Hopefully he will be able to post the odd update along his trip himself, but otherwise I'll be posting updates to a blog created just for his trip:


Please do follow and share the blog!

We are all extremely excited for him, and of course nervous he'll be eaten by a bear - knock on wood. One thing for sure, it will be an incredible journey in more ways than one and I'm sure there will be plenty of stories to come from it!

If you are interested in updates on his adventure, check out www.snowmelt2016.wordpress.com and click 'follow' (right hand side of the home page) to get regular updates to your email inbox.

Hopefully my Dad will be writing a guest post for this blog after his adventure too, so keep an eye out and follow this blog also by email and on social media!

(Some double marketing there, clever eh?!)

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