Tuesday, 14 June 2016

A Weekend in Killin

If you've never visited Killin, then you are seriously missing out on one of the most beautiful towns in Scotland. Killin is perfectly situated at the South-West end of Loch Tay, overlooked by munro Ben Lawers.

I've visited Killin twice as an adult and a few times as a kid, but most recently I was visiting for a wedding, which was a new experience! But what a beautiful place to have a wedding! The wedding itself was situated just outside of Killin, in a large lodge called The Big Shed that overlooks the loch Tay and stunning highlands. The bride and groom were married outdoors with this breathtaking scenery in the background, with a fresh breeze but mild and dry weather (phew!). The mix of the Highland scenery and the kilts and ceilidh music made it a typical Scottish wedding in all its glory - which obviously means it was a brilliant day!

The wedding didn't start until the afternoon of the Saturday however, so we had time over the Friday and Saturday morning to explore Killin a little. Friday afternoon was spent lazing, quite frankly, in the sunshine. We left with tans that you'd usually have from a week in Spain. And we didn't leave Scotland - unheard of! We chilled in the outdoor seats of the Killin Hotel, overlooking the river, paddling to cool ourselves off and watching the dogs having the time of their lives swimming around. If you're in Killin, make sure you spend some time admiring the Falls of Dochart. You can't miss them as they're situated right in the centre of the town! Have a pint from the bar and look out at this beautiful force of nature, or have a wee paddle (be careful!).

Saturday morning we had a quick, but pleasant, kayaking adventure. If I see a kayak...I MUST KAYAK. Some others from the wedding party were up for it too, and it was a good laugh. Hire them from the Killin Outdoor Centre, next to the Co-op, and at £10 per hour per head for a double kayak it's not pricey either. We only had an hour which allowed a little adventure, but I'd recommend longer. That way you can paddle right down the river and out to the loch. The small river that runs down to the loch is incredibly still, making a perfect paddle for beginners and the more experienced alike. We didn't paddle right down to the loch, but in general lochs are hit with the wind a little more, due to their exposure. There's an island down there tjat you can stop on for a break too!

We stayed in the Dall Lodge B+B which I could highly recommend to everyone. Monica was a wonderful host, welcoming us in the car park, and seeing to every need we may have had. The room we stayed in was bright, airy and clean, with lovely views out of the window overlooking a small river that runs from the Loch. Breakfast was delicious, and a wide choice from a full Scottish breakfast to porridge and fresh fruit. Could not have asked for a better place to stay.

View from our room window

The Dall Lodge

That's a very short glimpse at what you can get up to in Killin. There's plenty of historical sites nearby, and you're not far from Callander either. I'd even recommend simply taking a drive down the winding roads to get a real experience of the beautiful landscape of the highlands, in and out of valleys, down by the lochs and up high overlooking it from above.

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