Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The Excuses We All Make for Not Spending More Time Outdoors

...me especially! Outdoors, adventure and nature have always played such massive parts in my life. But since I moved to the capital city around 6 years ago (!!!), I've found I use all the excuses in the world as to why I don't spend as much time outdoors as I wish I did. So I guess this post is me giving myself a slap across the face and a kick up the back side to stop make excuses and just DO IT, because I know it means the world to my happiness and health! I also doubt I am the only one out there (or at least I sure hope not) who makes excuses to themselves for not going outside or finding some time with nature when they're feeling lazy. I hopefully can inspire both myself and you lovely readers to stop moping and making excuses, and instead just get out there, and find that even that first step can kick-start the motivation you needed!

1) I don't have time.

Probably the number one most common excuse...and probably the worst one too! What we forget is that it doesn't even have to be a long expedition or a weekend camping trip to "count". Even a brief walk outside during your lunch break, or a lunch trip to the beach can be enough for you experience the benefits of the outdoors. You'll probably find that that small adventure will inspire you to start putting time aside for nature and the outdoors.

2) I live in the city.

Every city has it's escapes - you just need to look for them. I like to head to Arthurs Seat if I fancy a hill walk, which is just outside the main city centre and easily accessible from all over the city. But even then I sometimes can't find the motivation. You need to seek out a few quiet spots nearby you. Whether it's a hill like Arthurs Seat, or a trip to your local botanic gardens. A personal example: the shopping centre round the corner from my flat. If I drive up at sunset into the free car park, and look out the back, the sunsets over Leith water are stunning, and it's far enough from noise pollution that I feel like I'm further from the city than I actually am. That alone can be a breath of fresh air for me.

3) I don't have money.

Okay, this is a tricky one. But as above, use your imagination. You might not have money for a weekend-long camping trip in the highlands. But maybe you have enough for one night camping at your nearest beach or campsite? Maybe you haven't got money to drive up into the mountains, but you can tackle your local hills?

4) I have no one to go with.

Time to go it alone. Yes. Alone! Tell someone where you are going and roughly when you will be back. Pack your bag well including your first aid kit and fully-charged phone. Then off you go. We're all so connected these days, it can be nice to go off the radar a little and enjoy some time with your own thoughts, or even better, not having to think about much at all.

5) What if...?

...it rains?... I fall?...I'm eaten by a bear?!! All I can say to that is if you don't try something, you'll never get anywhere. Just be as prepared as you can, don't tackle something that you don't feel you can handle or are skilled enough for (at least not on your own), and always make sure someone knows your whereabouts.

Long story short? Get off your butt, stop making excuses and just DO IT. Even just something small that connects you with the outdoors and nature can motivate you to incorporate the outdoors into your life more often!

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  1. Housework is one of my most used excuses! It's a genuine excuse but sometimes I wish I'd just ditch it!
    <3 Emmalou x

    1. Awful excuse! Haha! But another one we all use!!! We should go on an adventure together one day!


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