Monday, 9 May 2016

My Post-Camping Tips

You've had your immense camping trip. You're feeling at one with nature, drank a wine/cider/juice in front of the campfire overlooking hills, lochs, mountains, the seaside. Now it's time to go home, which is never fun. And when you get home all you want to do is flop on the sofa because all that driving, walking and tent-collapsing is a tiring job. BUT. There's things you should always do after a camping trip. Read the tips below. Doing these things will make future camping trips easier, and ensure your safety, health and relaxation for the days after your trip!

Safe drive home

Sometimes when we're camping you might get very little sleep, or maybe you'll over indulge in wine or feel tired after a late night wildlife watching. Make sure the next morning you've got a good coffee or tea in you (or whatever non-alcoholic drink give you a boost) and have a safe drive home, if you're driving. Be aware of still having alcohol in your system after drinking the night before, and wait a while if you're unsure, it's not worth the risk! Maybe you're tired or simply dreading going home, so you don't have the adrenaline buzz you had on the way to your camping trip. Take it easy, and you could break up the trip by stopping for some photo ops or food breaks on the way home.

First camping trip of 2016 @ Loch Fiscally campsite. Not quite wild camping, but plenty of that to come ;)

Dry out your tent!

I'm really bad for not doing this. My partner and I get home from camping and collapse on the couch for the evening, usually with a takeaway dinner. But after our first camping trip of the year this past weekend, we realised how important this is to do. We built our tent to find it stinking of damp, with black damp marks all over it, some dead bugs and a few rusty hair kirby grips)(my bad there...). I mean, it's not the end of the world. But it'll extend the life of your tent by drying it out when you get home, not to mention ensure you have a much nicer smelling camping trip the next time you take the tent out.


Speaking of smells, have a shower. Whether it's sweat from walking or simply waking up in a roasting hot sleeping bag and tent, or that "outdoorsy", "muddy" smell or maybe you reek of your beverages from the night before. Do your hygiene and your family a favour, and take a shower after camping, particularly wild camping.

Top up and charge your essentials

Head torch, camera and emergency phone: CHARGE THEM.
First aid kit and emergency food supplies: REPLACE THEM IF USED.
These are things I forget often. And only when I'm on my next trip do I realise I have no plasters when I need them, or my camera is out of battery when I've got the perfect shot.

Last but not least...get planning you're next trip!!!!!


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