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Gear Review: Walking Boots - La Sportiva Trango S Evo GTX (Womens)

The Boots: La Sportiva Trango S Evo GTX (Womens)

Brand New and Un-Worn!

When purchased: 

October 2014

Where purchased:

Cotswold Outdoor - Edinburgh Rose Street. Originally purchased for my Everest Base Camp trek. Store assistants were extremely helpful with deciding upon a boot. Had a discount due to above-mentioned Nepal trek.

Crampon compatible?

Yes, but haven't tested yet.

Waterproof test:

PASS. During a walk along the Fife Coastal Path, we took a wrong turn and had to wade through water that was less than 1cm from the top ankle-part of my boot. When we emerged on the other side, my socks were completely dry. I did treat them with a waterproof boot spray, but it must be said I was incredibly impressed that there was hardly any leakage. I was extremely comfortable and dry for the remainder of the walk.

Walking part of the Fife Coastal Path

General Verdict:

I've used these boots countless times for flat, sun-soaked walks and mild hill walking. These boots are quite heavy for these types of walks. However, the support and comfort that they provide for long distance, even for flatter and warmer walks, was great and I would always grab them for even the most mild of walks, as the heaviness is outweighed, in my opinion, by the comfort the boots give.

Muddy after a hill walk up Arthurs Seat in Edinburgh

The main types of expeditions these boots are designed for are the likes of mountain climbing. I've climbed the munro Schiehallion in the Scottish highlands in February, through thick snow, and they have bode extremely well. This trip was actually this first time I wore them, and even for the first outing, they didn't cause me too much hassle in the way of blisters. I knew immediately they were the boots for me.

White-out at the top of a snowy Schiehallion, toes still toasty warm!

The coldest temperatures I've worn the boots in was my Everest Base Camp trek, where temperatures reached -15 Celsius. Again, I had no issues whatsoever. My toes and feet were always warm in the boots.

These boots took me all the way to Everest Base Camp and back.

As mentioned above, I was only left with a small amount of blisters even on my first outing with them, and I was very impressed. After the 2.5 week trek in Nepal, I did have blisters, understandably in my opinion for a trek of that length. I personally found wearing a lighter pair of trekking socks under my thicker pair worked for avoiding blisters. This is a fairly common technique for many walkers however, so I couldn't say if it's something to do with the boots. I have been impressed over my many uses with them as to their comfort and the lack of blisters on my feet.

On a final note, the girls side of me has to say that the colour is a BEAUTIFUL light blue, and through my uses and cleans and muddy messes it has not faded at all :)

Product as on the La Sportiva website:

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