Tuesday, 26 April 2016

My Top 3 Favourite Outdoor Adventure Blogs

As a blogger myself, obviously I must have an interest in blogs! I read many many blogs every week. Some are outdoor related, some are beauty tips, some blogs are even blogs about blogging (you follow?!). But I'll admit: I sometimes don't read them to the end. I'll skip a couple of paragraphs or I'll skip to the end or I'll get bored and leave. But there are a few bloggers that always write great content and keep me interested! So I thought that this week, I'd simply share with you my top 3 outdoor, adventure and travel blogs that I enjoy to read.

1) Hike, Bike, Travel

I love all posts from this blog! It cleverly combines travelling, adventure and outdoor pursuits. In particular, it's great for inspiration for camping and adventuring abroad!


2) Travelettes

This is my ultimate travel blog! I love the laid-back vibe from this blog - every time I read an article, it feels like a close friend who's telling me the story and their adventures. As they use different writers, the Travelettes keep readers on their toes as each writer has their own experience or advice to share, in their own style and from their own, personal perspective.


3) Wilderness Traveller

Wilderness Traveller covers everything outdoors, adventure and camping. From wild camping advice to predicting weather forecasts to specific and personal hiking and adventure experiences, this blog covers so many topics of outdoors and adventure, you'll just keep finding more and more to read!


Do check out these awesome blogs and share them with your friends! (feel free to share my blog too while you're at it, yeah?! ;))

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