Tuesday, 26 April 2016

My Top 3 Favourite Outdoor Adventure Blogs

As a blogger myself, obviously I must have an interest in blogs! I read many many blogs every week. Some are outdoor related, some are beauty tips, some blogs are even blogs about blogging (you follow?!). But I'll admit: I sometimes don't read them to the end. I'll skip a couple of paragraphs or I'll skip to the end or I'll get bored and leave. But there are a few bloggers that always write great content and keep me interested! So I thought that this week, I'd simply share with you my top 3 outdoor, adventure and travel blogs that I enjoy to read.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Camping Mistakes We ALL Make

Whether you're a newbie or you've been camping since you can walk, we are all human and all make mistakes or forget things once in a while (or regularly, with myself). Here are some of the typical camping mistakes that everyone will make at one time or another:

> Forgetting Toilet Paper

This is my most common mistake, embarrassingly. Not exactly the end of the world (as long as you stick to number ones!), but always makes me feel pretty mingin' (Scottish word for gross or disgusting) by the end of a camping weekend.

> Pitching a tent on an area that SEEMS flat...but turns out not to be.

This mistake is usually only realised in the middle of the night, when you've either got a hump of mud underneath you, skewing your spine in a variety of manners, or you find yourself pressed against the side of your tent/partner multiple times throughout the night, as you realise you're on a slope.

>Leaving late

I feel like because a camping trip normally starts with a car journey, and it's all in your own hands it's easy to be chilled out about what time you hit the road. Which is, of course, one of the fantastic things about camping. But if you find yourself stuck in traffic or lost (like we were), you usually find pitching your tent in the dark or rain is never as easy nor as fun as it would have been had you left at half 10 like you planned.

> Getting that packing balance all wroooooong

We are ALWAYS overpacked or underpacked! I find if I'm heading out on a hill-walk, or a hike and camp, packing is easier as there's such limited space, it is literally the bare essentials. Whereas when we camp fairly near the car, it's too easy to pack the car full of items we don't particularly need. We'll either have a ridiculously full car, then realise we don't need or won't use half of the things we've packed, OR, I become so aware that I normally over-pack, that I end up completely underpacking and forgetting essentials.

> Forgetting the map!

See link above in "Leaving Late" section
. Don't rely on sat nav. ALWAYS BRING A MAP! Mine now sits in my car and does not move!

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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Top 5 Essentials for Hill Walking

The list of items you could, should or would like to take hill walking can go on and on and on. But all hill walkers and mountaineers will have their own "must haves" that they grab as soon as they know they're heading on a trip. I have listed below my personal top 5 items I MUST take with me hill walking. Whether it's to ensure a happy and safe trip, or whether it's something that would help in an emergency, these 5 items (in no particular order) are the first to be shoved into my backpack when getting ready for a hike:

1) First Aid Kit

For me this always includes: plasters (a lot of them), painkillers, antiseptic, bandages and safety pins. Safety pins are just a godsend for quick fixes of any sort! I also include an emergency foil blanket in here too. Not quite first aid, but you never know when you might be trapped overnight and need to keep warm in rough conditions.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Family Weekend at Centre Parcs, Whinfell Forest

I know I speak a lot about camping, and in particular my love of wild camping - the escape from the modern world, the busy city and other human beings! But I know some people enjoy an escape to nature, but want to keep some of their home luxuries - enter Centre Parcs!

We actually headed to Centre Parcs in Whinfell Forest on a family-hen weekend away. I know the word "hen weekend" generates images of bunny ears, willy straws and tiny outfits. This was very much the opposite. The idea of this hen getaway was that everyone of all ages could enjoy the weekend - including the brides' younger cousin, aged 11 and her aunties and gran - and there will be something for everyone to do.

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