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Throwback Post: Tiree 2010

This is quite a throwback post indeed. I wanted to write something showing off our beautiful islands here in Scotland, but in all honesty, I haven't been to many of them (at least not as an adult)! I'm hoping to adventure on a couple this year, so look out for them, but for now, I wanted to write about my trip to Tiree - back in 2010!

*Proof that you do not need a fancy camera to show the beauty of the beaches of Tiree*

Most folk after they finish school head out no some sort of celebration trip with their friends: "lads on tour", "girls holiday". A lot of people I know began their gap years with a trip to Australia, or partied in Ibiza or Kavos. But me and my girls? With a slight lack of money, we didn't have those as an option. So we decided to head to the almost-deserted island of Tiree in the Inner Hebrides!

For most that probably sounds like the most boring trip a group of 17-18 year olds could go on. But it was exactly what we wanted: a little escape from the norm and some chill time after so many (at the time it felt horrific) years of school.

*Don't forget to embrace the early morning road trip to grab some stunning photos on the way to Oban*

It started with an early rise and a good, old-fashioned road trip up over to Oban where we hopped on a 3 hour ferry to our destination. I didn't see any wildlife on the ferry over, but two of the girls who joined us a couple of days later saw some basking sharks! So it's worthwhile getting a seat outside if you're wildlife enthusiast and the weather permits!

Upon arriving, we settled into the cottage and had a wee wander to the nearest beaches. The cottage we were staying in is actually a family home of one of my friends, which was ideal. It may be a bit cold at times, but the beaches are truly breathtaking. White sands, very few people if any, crashing waves. It's like a Caribbean island - a slightly windier version. If you visit, make sure you grab some fish and chips by the beach. Freshest fish you could imagine, and great warmer for a colder evening.

The 10 days spent there was mostly relaxing. Enjoying having very little signal, and just taking some time out to breathe and enjoy life as it was. We visited a couple of the local pubs, one situated on a beautiful, tiny harbour. Perfect setting to watch the sunset with a pint in hand.

Something that I found surprising and equally amazing was that the cattle in Tiree are free to roam - and, instead of being fenced in, people properties are fenced in. It was the strangest thing! But fantastic at the same time, that these animals have the freedom to roam as they should! We caught a herd of cows ripping up fence posts at the beach. You can walk right around this fence, it's not actually closing anything off. I think these were just cheeky, rebellious cows.

*Cow wandering around on the beach, and a herd of cows ripping up a fence...*

When not exploring the beaches or having a few drinks, we did hit the waves. This was the first time I tried surfing, and it has stuck with me ever since, even though I didn't try it again until January 2016 in Australia! We met up with the local surf instructor, Suds. He runs his own surf school out of an old horse trailer. One of the girls had been surfing with him before, and after our intial lesson, we decided to keep hiring while we were there. It was a trust-thing, as he'd leave his surf equipment at the beach for us to use when we liked, then we'd square up the payment with him at the end of the holiday. That's something you don't get in larger, busier places: trust. The surf was fantastic. Sometimes the waves were too big for us beginners, so we'd watch Suds and his pal pro-surf the bigger waves, which was pretty inspiring to watch. Tiree hosts the Tiree Wave Classic every year, a well-established event on the British calendar, so it's well known for it's incredible waves.

*Ready for surfing! Me on the far right, crumbles with embarassment*

*Balevullin Beach*

The full holiday was literally just that: surfing and relaxation. It was the perfect getaway that we all needed, and I intent to go back again for some rest and recuperation! Worth a visit if you enjoy the calm and quiet of being away from everyone else, and enjoy some alone time and simply enjoying nature.

If you do visit Tiree, check out and for more information :)

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  1. This place looks so beautiful! It's just proof that you don't need to go far to have a good time with your friends. Sounds like you guys have a lovely trip, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much! It really was amazing, I'd love to do it again, just a beautiful little island! :)


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