Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Tentsmuir Forest and Kinshaldy Beach

Thought I'd give my tales from Down Under a bit of a break this week, instead having a wee throwback post to Tentsmuir Forest and Kinshaldy Beach. At the North East of Fife, Kinshaldy Beach over-looks the River Tay and right across to Broughty Ferry. My childhood is filled with memories of playing there with my uncles, aunts and cousins, making sandcastles and playing in the play parks in the connecting Tentsmuir Forest.

But it wasn't just my childhood there. My Mum still lives very nearby, and I still head out on walks (mainly in the summer - bit windy in winter!). We particularly visited a lot when Jimmy was alive, as he was an avid swimmer!

One of my training walks for Everest Base Camp actually took my Dad, Jimmy and I on a 20 mile walk from Tayport to Leuchars and back. It's a very relaxing walk, and wandering amongst sand dunes and tall pine trees is just so peaceful. It's definitely a popular route for dog walkers, cyclists and runners alike. You can even spot horse riders trotting up and down where the waves meet the sands. Beautiful.

*End-of-walk selfie on my training walk as we reached Tayport once again*

There's a car park if you'd rather just have a family day-trip with less of a walking aspect. Situated right in the heart of the woods, accessible from the Leuchars side, it's perfect for accessing the beach and there's plenty of picnic benches and play parks to keep everyone amused.

If you are wanting to visit and take a walk, there are plenty of walking routes. Have an adventure and just follow the paths that you come across - it's not too easy to get lost since the water is never far, and provides a good directional landmark. But if you're wanting to be a little more planned, there are walking maps in the car park area and there will no doubt be plenty online. Personally I tend to just wander and see where the wind takes me, so I haven't got any particular tips about routes to share! Keep an eye out for birds and other wildlife too.

It's not a particularly long post this week, but it's special to me, as not only is it full of happy memories of being a kid, it's also where I spent a lot of time with my wee Lab Jimmy :) It's worth a wander if you're down that way and enjoy a beach trip!

For more information: http://scotland.forestry.gov.uk/visit/tentsmuir

*Couldn't help but throw in a couple photos of my wee pooch :)*

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