Monday, 7 December 2015

Reader Advice Needed!

So, as of tomorrow, it is ONE WEEK until I head to Australia for a whole 3 and a half week holiday! I am MEGA excited, both to see Australia, as I have never been before, and to see my godfather and his family over Christmas and New Year - it's been a long time :)

Since this is my first trip down-under, I need some reader advice! We are heading to Perth, WA, and have three and a half weeks to explore. I will have access to a car too. Obviously the family we are staying with have lots of recommendations themselves, but I'd love to hear from you guys too!

I want to see as much as possible and do as much as possible!

What sights/attractions/places would you recommend in or around Perth?

Christmas and New Year - anything exciting happening around the festive period?

Any recommended restaurants, bars, clubs?

Any local inside knowledge?

I am interested in possibly camping, though I'm not sure if this will happen, as I cannot take my own camping equipment over and haven't found very much information about camping over there as of yet.

Has anyone been camping in Oz? Any tips?

Can I take part in an organised camping trip for a night? Or hire camping gear from somewhere?

Obviously, I will be looking up safety, animals, laws etc before embarking on a camp in a new country. But any advice re. camping in Australia that anyone has is much appreciated!

Any recommendations of beaches and lessons for surfing? I have only been surfing once before and it was in the cold waters of Tiree, not Oz! But I am very much looking forward to doing it again.

We also may head over to the East for a few days.

Any recommendations for visiting the East?

As we wouldn't have much time on the East, which city/area is best to head for?

The actual trip aside: the travelling.

Any packing tips?

Long-haul flight tips?

Thank you in advance for all your help! Leave me a comment below with any advice. Or, you can always head to the Contact page and drop me a note via social media :)

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