Monday, 21 December 2015

Kings Park, Perth WA

First blog post from Perth! Safe to say I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE. Where else can you get 35-degree heat in December?! At the end of my visit to this incredible country, I will type up a general round up of Perth, however, I will write individual posts about particular places/activities that I think you guys will like! :D

To start off, Kings Park, the most popular tourist destination in the city of Perth, was one of the big ones on my list of things to do while here. And it didn't disappoint.

We only spent a short time there, but you could easily spend the whole day. Calling it a massive park is an understatement, so even on a weekend day, you'll never find it too busy. Bring a picnic (and plenty sun lotion, especially if it's December!) and enjoy the peace and sunshine lounging amongst the trees, plants and fountains.

The most famous attraction within the park is the spectacular view of the city. If anything, it is a fantastic photo opportunity, and unique way to gaze at the city skyline.

The park is also a botanical garden, so those that are interested in plants will definitely enjoy that aspect!

Don't only look at the view over the city and river either. Keep an eye up towards the tree tops and you can glimpse many birds, occasionally even parrots! Then if you tilt your gaze down at the pathways, there's quotes and life-mottos printed in the cement, for a lovely, personal touch.

I'll let the photos tell the rest, but if you're heading out this way, this gigantic park is definitely a good shout for a relaxing day out for all ages.





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