Monday, 30 November 2015

Group Camping at Loch Tummel

Last Summer, Ryan and I went on a wonderful, albeit brief, camping trip with a group to Loch Tummel. I've spent a lot of time around Tummel Valley holiday park and have been White Water Rafting on River Tummel, but this was my first time camping by Loch Tummel.

This is a very popular area for camping, which surprised me, as the roads leading there are tiny and off-the-beaten-track. We arrived later than the rest of the group on the Friday evening, and we passed many a camping group whilst trying to find ours.

Once we found the rest of the group, we pitched the tent and chillaxed! It was a perfect spot for a larger group to camp, with plenty of room for tents. There was also a small beach right next to us, which was a nice touch.

We only camped for the one night, whilst the others stayed for two. It was a wonderful evening, enjoying good food and ciders overlooking a breathtaking sunset. In the morning, we enjoyed a BBQ breakfast, and Ryan played around in the dinghy on the loch. Unfortunately it had a leak, so as much as I wanted to join him, I think it would have sunk under two of us....

There's not much else to say on the matter really, as it was very much a short visit, just relaxing in good company, and enjoying a getaway from the city. I'm a firm believer that even if you didn't technically do a lot, camping somewhere like this is still a worthwhile trip just for the countryside in itself: the fresh air, the sunsets and the lack of traffic pollution and iPhones. So as it's a short post, I'll just let you admire the photographs! I'd happily go camping there again, and definitely recommend it - but it's definitely a place you need to get to early, as the camping spots do go quickly!

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