Wednesday, 22 July 2015

White Water Rafting on River Tummel

This past weekend I had a great family trip with my brother, my Dad and my boyfriend up to the campsite in Blair Atholl, a lovely, small town at the foot of the Cairngorms. On top of the standard, chill-out camping trip, we had an incredible day trip with Splash! White Water Rafting on the River Tummel! Here's a bit on White Water Rafting, and I've written about the camping part of the trip in another post.

White Water Rafting

One minute you're enjoying the stunning views of the forests while slowly gliding down a pool in the middle of the River Tummel. A moment later, your guide is barking orders "LEFT! RIGHT! HOLD ON! OVER LEFT!", and you're making your way down white rapids, clinging on the ropes in the hope they'll save you from falling out. That's White Water Rafting.

*That's me in the blue helmet. Dry, at the start.*

River Tummel is one of the higher grade rafting routes, with River Tay being a slightly lower grade option. The company we used was Splash! who have bases in Spain, Scotland, Canada and many more! Highly recommend them. The Perthshire team were friendly, funny, informative and generally great guides. Not only was the rafting a great laugh and a high adrenaline rush, for those nature admirers out there, you see views that cannot be reached by
bus, car or even walking. Scotland is such a
beautiful country, and though I have spent many trips up and around River Tummel, it was a fantastic experience to take in views of the river that I'd never seen before. The water was cold, but not freezing, which was perfect.

Will you fall in? A girl on our trip asked the guide if it is often for people to fall in, after having our safety briefing of what to do if this happens. His answer: every time. Without a doubt. And guess who fell in on this occurrence? ME. Yup, on the last drop, we reached a waterfall that was larger than the other drops we had encountered along the way. We were given clear instructions before it came as of what to do (left, right, back paddle etc.). However, when we hit the first drop of two on this waterfall, the entire left side of our raft seemed to be overcome by the water, leading to myself and the man behind me falling out. My father, sitting in front of me, came out of his seat, and was held onto the boat because his foot was in the foothold very well. However you'll see from pictures that he was still out of the boat, and had to be grabbed back in by my partner. Only thing that scared me with being out of the boat was that the current pushed me down river of the raft, meaning there was a possibility that when I came up for air, the raft could be over me. But all was well, and I popped up, followed the safety instructions we were given (for the most part, as it's difficult to get your body into a desired position when the current is strong pushing you the opposite way!) and the guide pulled me back in.

*Left side getting dunked!*

*My feet in the air (or maybe the other man's feet...?)*

 *Me, in the blue helmet, getting pushed over the rocks*

*My dad being held in by his foot; Boyfriend falling on top of him; and my brother, at the back, with his feet right over the raft!*

Highly recommend this to ANYONE. Was one ticked off my bucket list - and I would do it again in a heartbeat! Please check out teh company Splash! that we used - the guides were fantastic, we were well looked after from teh beginning to the end, and had an absolute blast. They also cater for other river activities, such as River Bugging, and adventure acitivites such as abseiling

Have you done this awesome experience before? Have you had any adventures with the Splash! team before? Give me a shout in the comments!

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  1. Hey thanks very much for the article on your River Tummel rafting experience with the Splash Team.

    1. No problem, glad you like it! Had such a fantastic day, will definitely be back soon!


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