Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Kayaking on the River Tay

Last weekend, I had a wee trip home to visit my parents, and spent a large portion of Sunday afternoon kayaking with my dad on the River Tay! *apologies that some of the photos are blurred, they look fine on my Dad's phone, just didn't transfer well to mine!*

Was a beautiful day, not too sunny but thankfully we missed the rain (which is a BEAUTIFUL day, here in Scotland). The river was a tad wavy for kayaking, but was definitely a great way for me to get back into it - has been a while! 

Hopefully I'll be getting a roof rack for my car soon, so I will ideally have some kayaking photos/posts for you in different places!

Let me know about your kayaking adventures - and if you've done any in Scotland, any recommendations of where to kayak next would be ideal!

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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Camping at Blair Atholl Campsite

Apologies for the delay in getting this written up, has been a hectic couple of weeks! Time for me to give you my views on camping at the campsite in the lovely town of Blair Atholl.

First some basic info: Blair Atholl is a tiny, wee town at the very South of the Cairngorms National Park, just North of Pitlochry. Small, yet has everything you need. Beautiful fast-flowing river, campsite, woods, shops, local pub and even a chippy! The local pub is filled with locals and tourists alike, all very friendly of course. It is a very central location, within perfect driving distances from many cities and towns.

The campsite itself is like a beautiful park, with plenty of space for caravans, RVs and tents. There's a large grass area that the pitches surround, perfect for ball games and a place for the dogs to run riot. There is a shop on site too, with everything from bacon to sleeping bags. Though this is obviously handy, do bring your own food and supplied as much as possible, as it is only a small shop, so the food sells fast and the supplies are a bit pricier (we almost missed out on bacon rolls!).

With very fair prices, dogs allowed and a central area that's quiet yet with plenty to do, I highly recommend this campsite for families and adults alike.

Have you visited Blair Atholl before? What are your thoughts? Drop me a comment below!

PS: Sorry for the lack of photos - in all honesty, I was too busy enjoying myself! Check out my post regarding the White Water Rafting we did that weekend!

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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

White Water Rafting on River Tummel

This past weekend I had a great family trip with my brother, my Dad and my boyfriend up to the campsite in Blair Atholl, a lovely, small town at the foot of the Cairngorms. On top of the standard, chill-out camping trip, we had an incredible day trip with Splash! White Water Rafting on the River Tummel! Here's a bit on White Water Rafting, and I've written about the camping part of the trip in another post.

White Water Rafting

One minute you're enjoying the stunning views of the forests while slowly gliding down a pool in the middle of the River Tummel. A moment later, your guide is barking orders "LEFT! RIGHT! HOLD ON! OVER LEFT!", and you're making your way down white rapids, clinging on the ropes in the hope they'll save you from falling out. That's White Water Rafting.

*That's me in the blue helmet. Dry, at the start.*

Monday, 6 July 2015

Basic Camping Kit List

Okay, I may be someone who camps a lot, but...there is ALWAYS something we forget. So recently, I've written a Basic Camping List, and taped it to the back of my wardrobe door to make sure nothing is forgotten. Here is the list I have created. This is not a full-blown, long long list of everything you could take camping with you. This is the personal camping list of myself and my partner - we manage to fill the car with this plus groceries, and we camp fairly basic (hence "Basic Camping List") but not Bear Grylls/Lost style. Please feel free to comment with ideas and musings!

NOTE: I have not included much in the way of clothing here, except for the obvious, as the clothing you take camping will depend on where you are camping and the activities you will be doing. This is also mainly aimed at wild camping but in general, camping is camping regardless.

*Large group camping at Loch Tummel*

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Everest Base Camp 2015

Most incredible, hard-going, rewarding camping and trekking I have ever done in my life. Trek to Everest Base Camp for the British Heart Foundation, Mar/Apr 2015.
We all know of the horrific occurrences recently in Nepal. Some of our sherpas from my trek have lost their lives, others have lost their homes. It's important, however, to understand the Nepalese. Through everything, they are the most positive, happy and kind people I have met. And they will push through and overcome these battles, because that's the kind of people they are. I believe the world can learn a lot from them.
With this, it's also important not to be put off visiting Nepal - my goodness you'd be missing out! A breathtakingly stunning part of the world, tourism attracts a lot of the revenue for Nepal. And a trek to Everest Base Camp? Definitely a good choice!

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Well...very first blog post...exciting stuff! Not sure where to start...! I'm Iona, and this blog is a camping, adventure and nature blog! Based in Scotland, camping in the West Highlands will be the main topic here! Howeve, I am an avid fan of kayaking and trying any and all sports going. With a love of travelling too, there will also be some posts relating to adventure abroad (where the pennies let me go!). Hopefully will be updating at least once a week! Camping tips and lists will definitely follow, as well as many photos and stories! My first "proper" post I'm going to explain the incredible journey to Everest Base Camp I had this year, so watch this space! :D

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